How To Find The Right Softball Bat

This is one of the most prevalent questions many softball players ask themselves before purchasing a softball bat. They want to know which one is the right for them, which one fits their style more and which one is the best….suit…for their wallet.

Often times, finding the right bat is also directly tied into each individual’s style of play. For instance, power hitters would be more likely to purchase bats such as the DeMarini Juggernaut which is known to add a couple of feet to your average batted ball’s distance.

But if one is a more lighter hitter and focuses more on contact and ball placement, then we’d more likely to go with lighter bats such as the Freak 12 or the MAKO bats which are all fantastic light bats for the contact hitter.

The Vendetta is another one of those bats for softball that is great for top of the line-up type hitters. But with that said, let’s go into some tips that you should always keep in mind when looking to purchase a softball bat that is right for you.

  • Bat Length / Weight Difference
    • This is one factor that should always be kept in consideration. Heavier bats are usually more suited towards the middle of the line-up power hitters who are looking to add more pop and distance to their swing. However, some contact hitters looking to add some more distance could benefit from these as well.
  • Perceived POP
    • How hot the bat is should always be considered as well. Not all bats are hot right out of the wrapper and you can never really know how good it will be until you’re about a couple hundred swings in. Fortunately we have compiled a number of reviews for 2016 that you can utilize to help you in your browsing when looking for bats.
  • Construction
    • Louisville Slugger has now implemented a 3-piece fully composite construction in their Z4000 bat that is designed to reduce the vibration and sting when contact is made. However, some hitters prefer to feel the impact as it gives them direct impact on how well the ball was hit. This is really up to personal preference and it’s why I enlisted it here.
  • Style Of Play
    • I briefly touched on this but I want to go over it again, because this is probably the most pertinent factor that’s going to dictate your decision on what bat to purchase. Contact hitters should always seek out lighter bats that’s going to allow them to swing the bat at higher velocities but also exert greater control through the hitting zone which is ideal as their main objective is to maneuver where they want the ball to go instead of over-powering it over the fielders.
    • Conversely, power hitters should aim to purchase heavier bats that’s going to allow them to put forth much more weight and momentum into their swing and consequently send the ball over the fences. Also, bats with good barrel grip will help in adding that much needed backspin to really send the ball flying.

I hope you found these tips useful and as always, all questions, criticism and comments are welcomed. Until next time!