Axe BBCOR Bat Review


I have been using this Axe BBCOR Bat since June 2015, and I appreciate its amazing design. This baseball bat feels as good as any other composite bat. There is a little stiffness in the swing. For the first time, I picked up the bbcor bat from the Baden shop and it still works like the day when I got it in the past year. The bat has the soft grip on the ax-shaped handle; this allows a hitter to pull his hands through the strip faster and it gives the batter much high speed without even decreasing the mass of inertia.


If you have any confusion about the company which receives more points for pushing the bounds of alloy and complex design of bats, it would be from the Baden shop. The weight of swing is much reduced, and the size of the barrel is similar as compared to the previous versions of the bat. The new features in the ax bbcor bat are the Replaces of alloy in the end cap, and the end of the barrel is three inches which are many composites. That is why; it might be easier for you because the weight of the swing is much lighter and whenever I give it a swing, its weights more and thus decreases the effective barrel size.

As the handle of the bat forces once sided hitting, Axe has changed the backside of the barrel that is closer to the end cap, it again decreases weight closer to its end and pushes creates a steadiness point extra towards the arms for the much lighter swing without lessening the barrel size. This bat allows you to get jammed but hit the ball well with much power. This would help you to become a better hitter for a longer run. This axe bat will provide you a real feel when on the barrel you do not hit the ball, and it will not break as some kinds of wooden bat.

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Axe Bat L138D

I think this is the only bat in the Axe with the asymmetric end cap, which is much easy to handle. The serial number of the bat is L138D; this version of the bat has the capability of asymmetric end caps that swing great.


  • The bat is much light weight. I feel that it has a great amount of pop.
  • The amazing design of the handle makes it favorite of many baseball players. When the girls were introduced to the team, they will surely love it.
  • The soft grip and holding of the bat is the major thing that I liked in Axe bats. Moreover, it was much easy to demonstrate. Once you get to know about the griping technique then surely you would always prefer the axe handle over the all other standards. No doubt that it’s a great Purchase.
  • The feel of axe bbcor bat is incredible due to its amazing swing method. They are much reliable and have just got the right balance technique.
  • The bat can be used easily for both playing and training purposes as it is much durable. No matter if you are a contact hitter or the powerful hitter, you surely love the grip and control through the zone.
  • I think that the all the axe bats have handle configuration which allows much smoother and cleaner swing. The length of the bat is also taller, and that suits me according to my height.
  • According to my point of view, all travel leagues must adapt this axe bat for the league play. It would help them to deliver again the true form of the sport and eradicate with the synthetic enhancements that the Aluminum bats have brought since the last few years.
  • Most of the axe bats are much reliable. If you wish that your participants have a contented and comfortable bat along with excellent durability and common "wooden" performance, this is the bat that you need! It will also support you to turn out to be better hitters! I am an aggressive baseball player for 25+ years! And I am using axe bats for all such capabilities. You may also find this bat as the best and a comfortable baseball bat!


  • It is a bit loud when you hit the ball and over time these bats develop some sting.
  • Sometimes the ball goes no-where. You may feel that they have no power of their own.
  • Other than that the price of the axe bats is much higher than the other brands.