Best BBCOR Bats 2016

The 2016 BBCOR Baseball Bats market saw huge strides being made across a number of different bat manufacturing companies all trying to out-do one another on performance, technology and comfort. For instance:

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DeMarini introduced the much awaited CF8 and the Voodoo Raw.

Easton added the XL1 to the Mako series, and continued to improve on its TORQ technology.

Louisville Slugger followed up with the Prime 916, the Select 716, and the Omaha 516.

Rawlings continued its alloy dominance with the 5150 and the VELO

So that leaves you wondering…which ones are the absolute best? Well that depends on what you’re looking for in particular…but here’s what we have to say following plenty of testing and hitting:
Here we’re going to breakdown the best bat for each category:

Best Overall Bat

For the best all around bat, we’re going to go with the Easton Mako. All things considered: Price, Power, Bat Speed, Comfort, and Performance – the Mako rounds all bases.

easton mako

Now there are some great other choices out there, but the Mako is by far the most well-rounded. This bat is best for anyone looking for the best bang for their buck.

Here’s why:

  • Performance: The Mako is widely known as being one of the top performing bats in the industry nowadays. Everything from its power, comfort, bat speed and “pop” are highly competitive at the highest level.
  • Bat Speed: The reason why we chose the Mako as the best overall is because of its bat speed compartment. This bat blazes through the hitting zone by maintaining a fairly low swing weight as opposed to the Voodoo Raw or the Prime 916. Also, its price is not nearly as astronomical as the aforementioned choices.
  • Plate Coverage: The Mako series features an inherently large barrel giving players much more plate coverage than its counterparts. This gives you a little more breathing room for mistakes and better chances at hitting incredibly difficult pitches.

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Best Affordable Bat

For those with a tight budget, there are still some great sticks out there. I highly propose the Rawlings 5150. At its price point, it’s very hard to find a bat that can outperform the 5150. Not only that but it’s also a strong contender amongst the high-end choices in the market.

rawlings 5150 bbcor bat

Here are some perks to this bat:

  • Power: This is the only fully aluminum bat that features an end-load while maintaining a low M.O.I. design for faster swing speed. Unique in its own right, the 5150 produces incredible force by combining bat speed and barrel-inclined momentum. This was my go-to bat of choice in high school.
  • Responsive alloy: Regarded by industry experts as the strongest alloy in the game – the 5150 comes hot right out of the wrapper and stiffens with time. Meaning, it comes out game-ready and performs better with the passing of time.
  • Price: Very competitive price, and the absolute best bang for your buck out there.

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Best Power-Hitting Bat

This one might be the one I pondered the most on, and ultimately I decided to go with the DeMarini CF8. Runner-up(s) included the Easton Mako XL and the Voodoo Raw but there were a few reasons for why I went with the CF8 as opposed to the other two.

demarini cf8 bbcor bat

Let’s check them out:

  • Bat Speed: The CF8 trumps all power-hitting bats in the bat speed department. This is the factor that led me to choose the CF8 over the other two, seeing as numerous studies show that bat speed is the defining factor when it comes to producing power at the plate.
  • Construction: DeMarini Thermo-Fused this bat which enabled them to reduce virtually all bat sting so hitters can attack the ball confidently at the plate.
  • Strongest Barrel: The CF8 features the strongest barrel in the game, period. DeMarini is also able to keep the walls strong at the thinnest points which is the main driving force behind this bat’s success. It promotes blazing bat speed through the zone and optimal power.

I’d choose the CF8 over the Mako XL & the Voodoo Raw any day of the week for those reasons, although that’s not to take away from those two as they’re also great bats.

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Best Hybrid Bat

This right here is a no-brainer: The DeMarini Voodoo Raw.

demarini voodoo raw 2016 bbcor bat

The Voodoo series is one of the most popular and it’s right now at the top of its game. The competition here wasn’t even close, the Raw wins over all of its kind with relative ease. Here’s some facts:

  • End-Load: This bat features a 0.5 oz end-load for greater power-hitting performance at the plate which none of its competitors feature. This is its Unique Selling Point (USP) and the biggest reason for its prowess. Not all hybrid bats have this, for instance if you’re looking for a hybrid bat WITHOUT an end-load, I’d check out the Louisville Slugger Select 716. That one’s pretty good.
  • Comfort: Much alike the CF8, this bat is thermo-fused which reduces all bat sting on mishit balls and plays can hack at the pitch violently. It has a very nice grip, as well and the RCK Knob that fits the human hand incredibly well.
  • Power: B.Harper used to launch 500 ft bombs in high school with a Voodoo, so that right there is a testament to the potential of this bat. It produces a lot of force and energy and contact which will put you way above the crowd with ease.

If you’re looking for a hybrid bat ( composite handle / alloy barrel ) this is it. This is the Steph Curry of hybrid bats.

For best price option:

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Best Aluminum Bat

This was another tough decision. Ultimately I went with the Omaha 516 with close runner-up(s) being the Marucci Cat 6, the Rawlings 5150 and the VELO.

louisville slugger omaha 516

This is the go-to aluminum bat of choice of the most of the top baseball programs across the nation. It’s also heavily used in the College World Series. Here’s the quick and dirty:

  • Lizard Skin Grip: Branded by many major leaguers as the best grip in the game and heavy favorites of the likes of Big Papi. And yes, it’s incredibly comfortable if I do say so myself.
  • Fastest Bat Speed: This is the fastest swing in the game, hands down. Its incredible low swing weight is only rivaled by the CAT 6 but ultimately it comes up short. The Omaha outshines everybody else in this department by a wide margin.
  • Incredibly Strong Alloy: Slugger produces some of the strongest alloy material in the game. Comes extremely hot right out of the wrapper and ready for game use.

Check it out here:

Visit: Louisville Slugger

Easton 2016 BBCOR Bats

easton mako


The Easton Mako is arguably the most popular bat right now.

Its light swing weight and enlarged barrel technology create for an incredibly hot bat. I would say hands down this is the very best overall bat out there. The Easton Mako Torq continues to be a popular choice amongst Easton fans. The spinning handle undoubtedly helps players correct bad habits and instill healthy hitting practices early on.

For this year, they’ve also converted the XL1 into the Easton Mako XL. The XL1 was already one of the most popular power-hitting bats, now they’ve added the extra-long barrel design to the Mako series which features an enlarged barrel inherently. This has given it a slight edge over the Prime and the CF bats in my opinion.

The Best of DeMarini BBCOR Bats in 2016

demarini cf8 bbcor bat

The DeMarini CF8 is also an incredibly popular choice and considered by many as the best bat for power hitters. It’s an extremely hot, 2-piece composite construction bat with surprisingly low swing weight. While the Mako XL wins in plate coverage with its enlarged barrel, the CF8 trumps it in bat speed. Here the choice is up to the player as to what they prefer in a bat.

More plate coverage results in more solid contact being made, while faster bat speed will result in balls traveling farther.

But speaking of performance excellence, there’s also the DeMarini Voodoo Raw which was one of the most highly awaited bats this year. What differs the Voodoo Raw from other hybrid bats (part composite / part alloy) is that it features an end-load so it caters to the power-hitting crowd.

demarini voodoo raw 2016 bbcor bat

This was Bryce Harper’s bat of choice back in the day when he was crushing 500 ft bombs in high school.

Louisville Slugger 2016 BBCOR Baseball Bats


louisville slugger prime 916

The Louisville Slugger Prime 916 is another extremely popular choice by power hitters. It’s the go-to bat for most elite college baseball programs and is seen regularly at Omaha in June of every year.

It features the TRU3 barrel technology to eliminate sting in your hands and transfer that energy back into the barrel of the bat to put the hurt on the ball. It has the Fuse Carbon Structure composite design and thin walls to reduce swing weight without the need to compromise hitting performance.

From Slugger we also have the Omaha 516 which is by far the fastest swinging bat in the game. This bat is great for slap hitters and top of the line-up type players looking to maximize their bat speed and manipulate where they want the ball to go.

2016 Rawlings BBCOR Bats


The Rawlings 5150 was my primary choice of bat throughout my high school career. It’s made some vast improvements since I first used it but it still retains most of its core attributes. Such as the ultra responsive 5150 alloy construction, the slightly end-loaded swing weight and the 2 5/8″ barrel.

What separates this bat from other one piece aluminum bats is that it features an end-load. This would be better suited for players who enjoy the swing speed and the performance of an alloy bat but wouldn’t want to sacrifice their power.

It’s most similar to the Voodoo Raw but it offers more bat speed as it maintains an incredibly low swing weight. Also, the 5150 Alloy is said to be the strongest in the industry as of today.

However, it did change its color scheme from the usual red colors to now a slightly green-yellowish color. As you can see in the photo pictured below:

rawlings 5150 bbcor bat

Marucci Cat 6

marucci cat 6

Another major player within the aluminum bats market.

The CAT 6 offers incredible bat speed and its physical features most closely resemble that of a wood bat. This bat is great for players looking a premium alloy bat.

It rivals the Omaha 516 in bat speed and performance. Favorited by most elite programs across the nation. Great for players looking for maximum comfort and bat speed at the plate.