Top 2017 BBCOR Bats and Roundup

With the introduction of this new performance standard, different companies have been producing particular styles of baseball bats to match certain styles of play. They play around with variables such as bat-weight, bat-length, barrel materials and balanced loads, swing weights and so on. To say nothing of color and design.

Here we're going to breakdown the best bat for each category. Check here for more details on the best 2017 BBCOR bats and here for the Best 2016 BBCOR bats.

Best Overall BBCOR Bat

Best BBCOR Bats

For the best all around bat, we're going to go with the Easton Mako. All things considered: Price, Power, Bat Speed, Comfort, and Performance - the Mako rounds all bases.

Now there are some great other choices out there, but the Mako is by far the most well-rounded. This bat is best for anyone looking for the best bang for their buck.

Here's why:

  • Competitive price: Not nearly as high as say the CF, the Prime, or the Voodoo.

  • Enlarged Barrel: More plate coverage and a bigger sweet spot.

  • Thin Handle: Better grip, better wrist mobility.

  • Connective Piece: Less vibration and sting, significantly more comfort.

  • Low Swing Weight: The bat feels lighter than other bats of its kind such as the CF8 or the Prime 916. So you get more bat speed and more power without sacrificing either for the other.

Easton Mako

Best Affordable BBCOR Bat

rawlings 5150 bbcor bat

For those with a tight budget, there are still some great sticks out there. I highly propose the Rawlings 5150. At its price point, it's very hard to find a bat that can outperform the 5150. Not only that but it's also a strong contender amongst the high-end choices in the market.

Here are some perks to this bat:

  • End-load: This is the only fully aluminum bat that features an end-load while maintaining a low M.O.I. design for faster swing speed. Unique in its own right, the 5150 produces incredible force by combining bat speed and barrel-inclined momentum.

  • 5150 Alloy: Regarded by industry experts as the strongest alloy in the game - the 5150 comes hot right out of the wrapper and stiffens with time. Meaning, it comes out game-ready and performs better with the passing of time.

  • Large Barrel: Not typical of aluminum bats, the 5150 has an enlarged barrel for better performance at the plate and added power.

  • Price Point: Simply the best bat out there for those looking for cheaper alternatives.

Best Power-Hitting BBCOR Bat

This one might be the one I pondered the most on, and ultimately I decided to go with the DeMarini CF8. Runner-up(s) included the Easton Mako XL and the Voodoo Raw but there were a few reasons for why I went with the CF8 as opposed to the other two.

demarini cf8 bbcor bat

Let's check them out:

  • Swing Speed: The CF8 trumps all power-hitting bats in the bat speed department. This is the factor that led me to choose the CF8 over the other two, seeing as numerous studies show that bat speed is the defining factor when it comes to producing power at the plate.

  • Comfort: DeMarini Thermo-Fused this bat which enabled them to reduce virtually all bat sting so hitters can attack the ball confidently at the plate.

  • Strongest Barrel: The CF8 features the strongest barrel in the game, period. DeMarini is also able to keep the walls strong at the thinnest points which is the main driving force behind this bat's success. It promotes blazing bat speed through the zone and optimal power.

I'd choose the CF8 over the Mako XL & the Voodoo Raw any day of the week for those reasons, although that's not to take away from those two as they're also great bats.

Best Hybrid BBCOR Bat

This right here is a no-brainer: The DeMarini Voodoo Raw.demarini voodoo raw 2016 bbcor batThe Voodoo series is one of the most popular and it's right now at the top of its game. The competition here wasn't even close, the Raw wins over all of its kind with relative ease. Here's some facts:

  • End-Load: This bat features a 0.5 oz end-load for greater power-hitting performance at the plate which none of its competitors feature. This is its Unique Selling Point (USP) and the biggest reason for its prowess.

  • Extreme Comfort: Much alike the CF8, this bat is thermo-fused which reduces all bat sting on mishit balls and plays can hack at the pitch violently.

  • Bryce Harper: The Natural's bat of choice.

If you're looking for a hybrid bat ( composite handle / alloy barrel ) this is it. This is the Steph Curry of hybrid bats.

Best Aluminum Bat

This was another tough decision. Ultimately I went with the Omaha 516 with close runner-up(s) being the Marucci Cat 6, the Rawlings 5150 and the VELO.This is the go-to aluminum bat of choice of the most of the top baseball programs across the nation. It's also heavily used in the College World Series. Here's the quick and dirty:

  • Lizard Skin Grip: Branded by many major leaguers as the best grip in the game and heavy favorites of the likes of Big Papi. And yes, it's incredibly comfortable if I do say so myself.

  • Fastest Bat Speed: This is the fastest swing in the game, hands down. Its incredible low swing weight is only rivaled by the CAT 6 but ultimately it comes up short. The Omaha outshines everybody else in this department by a wide margin.

  • Incredibly Strong Alloy: Slugger produces some of the strongest alloy material in the game. Comes extremely hot right out of the wrapper and ready for game use.

Easton BBCOR Bats

Easton pioneered and revolutionized the baseball bats market by being the first to introduce an aluminum bat in 1969. Ever since then, they've continued to be one of the most innovative bat companies in the industry. They've been consistently introducing some of the most groundbreaking bat technology that has allowed them to lead the industry for 4 decades now for high-end sports equipment.

Easton's most popular bat technology as of 2016 seems to be the TORQ handle. Its USP (unique selling point) is the rotating bat handle which allows hitter to exert greater control through the hitting zone. Another added benefit is the prevention of your wrists "rolling over" or "breaking" prematurely and thus the technology aids you in making solid contact more often.

Essentially, it allows you to get away with smaller mistakes to improve your hitting performance.

But without further ado, let's get into Easton's most popular bats for 2016.

Easton MAKO.

easton mako bbcor bat

The Easton MAKO BBCOR Bat is arguably Easton's most popular bat series. It comes in many different shapes and sizes and its ability to constantly evolve and revolutionize the world of bat and barrel technology is what makes it one of the most technologically advanced bats in the market.

Easton loves to innovate. And the MAKO is an exemplary testament of that.

As the bat has a dozen individual variations, that page will serve as a hub where you'll be able to access the latest versions and different weights / lengths, so on and so forth. It should be noted here that MAKO's tend to be a little on the pricier side, so if this bat is within your budget, it is definitely a great snag. With that said, let's move on to the next one.


2016 easton mako torq

While on the subject of Easton, might as well, right?

The TORQ handle technology busted on to the scene in late 2014 and it stirred up plenty of controversy. Baseball coaches and hitting gurus from all sorts of backgrounds had a word or two to say about a rotating handle and its effect on players' hitting performance.

Amidst all the commotion and all the petty arguments that popped up across the inter-webs, few ever really tried it and most simply jumped on the bandwagon and spieled out their preconceived notions regarding the bat's potential effects on the hitter's swing. Our main objective with that post was to demystify the technology and objectively debunk any myths previously established by "hitting gurus" online.

Easton S1

easton s1 bbcor bat

The Easton S1 is the classic contact hitter's bat with a light swing weight designed to allow top-of-the-lineup hitters to exert greater control and bat speed through the hitting zone.

This bat is a one-piece alloy construction with the Hyperlite Matrix Alloy Design (HMX) to ensure a larger sweet spot and extended durability. It is a great comeback given the bat's poor performance in 2014, and Easton really focused on providing a very high quality bat to put it back on top on the market.

The bat comes in different versions such as the youth & senior editions but those will be covered individually in their respective category. This one's predominantly the BBCOR versions of this bat.

Keep in mind that these are just the selected series by Easton that we decided to cover, however, you can check out more bats in the right sidebar navigation as aforementioned above.

DeMarini BBCOR Bats

DeMarini came from humble beginnings, being established in 1989 by Ray DeMarini. After 3 short years they were able to move up the bat industry expediently by introducing an innovative high-tech softball bat that featured Doublewall technology which greatly enhanced players' hitting performance by providing a larger sweet spot than normal.

An instant hit, DeMarini enjoyed a sharp increase in their sales as players enjoyed significantly improved power numbers all across the board. The man behind the massive success, Ray DeMarini, was an avid softball fan who maintained a scientific approach to the game.

He first garnered mass attention from the media by developing a softball hitting system he dubbed the "DeMarini Reflex Hitting System" which has been ESPN's most successful instructional softball hitting home video series.

He then leveraged this authority and presence in the softball industry to launch one of the most prominent bat companies in the world.

DeMarini VooDoo Overlord.

demarini voodoo overlord bbcor bat

The DeMarini Voodoo series has been increasingly popular and continues to be one of the leading pioneers in the bat industry. A brand that is known for producing hot bats right out of the wrapper has continued this practice over the years with this bat. Also known for their power-friendly tendencies, the DeMarini VooDoo Overlord is no exception when it comes to juicing up your power numbers on the diamond.

It comes with the X12 Alloy Barrel with the end-load for optimal power hitting performance. The D-Fusion FT Handle works in conjunction with the barrel technology to provide not only a reduced-vibration and better feel of the bat, but also to redirect energy into the ball to launch balls screaming all over the outfield.

Check out our thorough review on it by clicking the link above.

DeMarini NVS Vexxum.

2016 demarini vexxum

The NVS Vexxum is one of DeMarini's more balanced bats and tends to have a lower price point than the other ones mentioned here. As such, it is often a great option for players who are working within a budget and are looking for a great overall bat.

The New Velocity System (NVS) is the technology ingrained in this bat that aims to bring both power and speed together and allowing players to enjoy a balanced swing weight without having too sacrifice any of the two most important aspects in hitting performance.

This bat features an aluminum barrel that is hot right out of the wrapper (as usual) and is of 2-piece construction. DeMarini claims that this is their lightest bat for players looking to speed up their bat speed. The 12X Alloy construction also serves to provide optimal strength at the thinnest points in the barrel of the bat. Making it not only suitable for lighter players, but it also aids in their hitting power.

DeMarini CF7.

demarini cf7 bbcor bat
The CF Series is one of the leading bat series in the market, and their new releases are met with high expectations with every year. Appropriately enough, DeMarini never fails to exceed expectations.

The 2015 CF7 was no different. A pioneer and leader of its kind, it is the power hitter's dream bat.

Being a high-end bat with breakthrough technology, the CF7 is able to provide extremely light swings and when coupled with the Paradox Plus Composite Barrel, it is able to provide hitters with maximum pop in their swings.

One can see why it's one of the most popular BBCOR Bats at the collegiate and high school levels. But with that said, let's go into the latest version of the CF Series:

DeMarini CF8 BBCOR Bat.

demarini cf8 bbcor bat

The CF8 was one of the most anticipated bats to come out. With minimal, yet significant improvements - DeMarini has yet again proven why they continue to stay atop the bat industry.

It is an extremely hot bat that continues to push the boundaries of BBCOR performance with their innovative technology. As such, it also tends to be one of the pricier bats around. Nevertheless, high-end competitive teams predominantly utilize this bat because it just flat out out-performs any other bat in the market.

I highly recommend it to anyone who's willing to pay the price tag but is also serious about their career as a baseball player. Because this is some serious performance technology. Our review goes a lot deeper into what makes this bat a must-have for collegiate players.

2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw BBCOR.

demarini voodoo raw 2016 bbcor bat

Another one of the most awaited bats for 2016 is the VooDoo Raw. This bat is unlike anything DeMarini has ever produced before. With unparalled power hitting performance, this bat is purely designed with the full intention of putting a dent on every ball that comes in contact with it.

The Voodoo & CF Series by DeMarini are the most highly touted bats in the industry because their performance absolutely dominates. The power that players are able to enjoy while using these bats are the best in the market - bar none.

There's slight differences between the two which we diligently break down and analyze in able to distinguish what makes each bat unique and provide our readers with the most accurate information.

Coming up next is another high-end bat manufacturing brand - Louisville Slugger.

Louisville Slugger BBCOR Bats

Louisville Slugger first came along when the son of a man who ran a local woodworking shop sneaked away to catch a baseball game in which the The Louisville Eclipse was playing. In this game, a player who went by the nick name "The Gladiator" broke his bat.

Being notorious for wanting custom bats made, the young boy offered his dad's woodworking services who gladly performed his magic for the famed baseball player. However, the father of the young baseball fan refused to stay in the business of manufacturing baseball bats as he saw the game as simply a fad at the time.

After further convincing and persuasion, the young boy was able to get his dad to continue to make wooden baseball bats for players. The Gladiator was able to perform well and teammates were quick to notice. When asked where he had gotten the bat done, The Gladiator pointed a finger at the Hillberich woodworking shop.

Fast-forward to some years later, and Louisville Slugger became one of the largest bat retailers in the nation. Their bats were also popularized by some of the most iconic players in history - the likes of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig.

For more than a century, Louisville Slugger has remained one of the most popular brands in baseball and their bats still continue to be industry leaders.

Louisiville Slugger 915 Prime

louisville slugger prime 915

The Prime 915 was one of Louisville Slugger's most successful bats for 2015 and with good reason. The Prime bat series is Louisville Slugger's high-end BBCOR bats designed to be a fit for all kind of hitters. It has a balanced weight and innovative barrel technology to give be not only a good fit for contact hitters but also their power-hitting counterparts.

If it is within your budget, I'd definitely recommend it but also check out our thoughts one the Prime 916 and a more detailed review on the designated Prime 915 page.

Louisville Slugger Prime 916

The 2016 Prime 916 is a heavy favorite amongst elite college baseball programs due to its drastic improvements from the 2015 version. It now competes right up there with the likes of DeMarini's CF and Easton's MAKO bat series which are designed primarily as their high-end alternatives.

The Prime by LS distinguishes itself through a 3-piece construction that dramatically reduces the sting of mishit balls and allows players to enjoy a more comfortable hitting experience. However, some players actually prefer feeling the sting as it gives them feedback on what went wrong with the swing. I myself am one of those players.

Nevertheless, the TRU3 Explosive Power barrel technology works to transfer energy from the handle to the barrel of the bat at the point of contact and the thin wall construction enlarges the sweet spot which is what makes this bat such a heavy favorite for those who can work it in their budget.

Louisville Slugger Select 716.

The 2016 Select 716 is Louisville Slugger's power hitting performance bat. It comes with the aforementioned TRU3 construction that reduces sting by transferring energy into the barrel, but what makes it different is that this bat is end-loaded and features an AC21 Alloy Barrel construction.

End-load makes it power-hitting friendly and is designed to compete with the VooDoo Raw and XL Hybrid series by DeMarini & Easton respectively. The AC21 Alloy is what distinguishes it from Slugger's other bat series and their external competition. This technology creates a stiffer and more responsive sweet spot as the bat gets broken into rather than coming off hot right out of the wrapper.

This gives hitters time to adjust and get used to the bat as it slowly breaks in and starts sending balls over the fence as it accustoms to. However, you might not be a power hitter and are working within a smaller budget.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 516

louisville slugger omaha 516

This bat comes equipped with some groundbreaking technology that is specifically designed to allow hitters to exert a great amount of control, balance and speed through the hitting zone.

This is one of the lightest swing weights in the market so it's definitely a great bat to look into. It also runs for about half the price of the other bats mentioned here that are produced by Louisville Slugger.

The 7U1 Allow barrel technology is what makes this bat possible. It maintains an extremely light swing weight through thin wall constructions, however, it allows this reduction in bat weight without having to compromise its power. It is absolutely a great bat to have for top-of-the-lineup hitters looking to add some bat speed to their swing.

Honorable Mentions

These the next two bats aren't as popular as the other ones but they're still worth mentioning.

Marucci Cat 6

marucci cat 6

Although more known for their wood bats. Marucci's Cat 6 is actually pretty decent. They have patented a handle technology which is anti-vibration. So if you're one of those people who loves to do yard-work often and don't want to be worry about getting jammed or sting in your hands by mishitting a baseball, this is definitely a great option to look at.

It's a 1-piece alloy construction which is actually pretty rare these days as most bats happen to be 2-piece composite construction. However, although a very unorthodox bat - the CAT 6 is actually pretty decent.

Rawlings 5150 BBCOR.

rawlings 5150 bbcor bat

This bat and I have plenty of history as it used to be my favorite bat back in my high school playing days. And as any baseball player would, I meticulously kept track of how many hits I got with it. I went something like 5-12 in my last year playing with this bat, so as you can probably guess - I was enamored with it.

However, the bat is well-known for its aerospace-grade 5150 alloy construction that's purely designed for power, balance, stability and durability. It's an end-loaded bat and the barrel's only concern seems to be with sending balls screaming all over the outfield with little regard to anything else.

It is a bat built for absolute performance and this is the reason why it's becoming on of the most popular bats of this year.

2016 Rawlings VELO

rawlings velo bbcor bat

The Rawlings VELO comes equipped with the ultra responsive 5150 alloy barrel and APATM Acoustic Performance technology that maximizes hitting performance while maintaining a relatively balanced swing weight and adding pop to your swing.

It comes with many of the features that the 5150 has, however, it does differ in the fact that it's built with a lighter-hitting audience in mind that are looking to benefit for quicker swing weights without having to sacrifice power hitting performance.

This is an absolutely great bat that is likely to continue to be a driving force of innovation behind Rawlings's BBCOR Bats innovation arsenal.

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We hope you found the information on this page useful, and we have also compounded a list of the Best BBCOR Bats of 2016 for all those who like to stay up to date with their bats.

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2017 Reviews BBCOR Bats Round-Up

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